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The House of Sinclair "The Guarantee" available now in hardcover edition on Amazon.  The first book in the series, The House of Sinclair.

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Annie O. | House of Sinclair

The House of Sinclair "The Guarantee" is a novel of a Trilogy, being written by author Annie O. for the enjoyment of Ordinary people allowing them the Opportunity to escape from all of today’s Obstacles that Occur in their lives. They may enjoy the life and existence of famous entrepreneur Michael Sinclair who created the House of Sinclair.

Author Annie O. began writing in Order to share her hobby of positivity. It was the author’s dream to work with her Professor of English husband to join their male and female points of view to create the books. However, with his sudden death, the void, and all of the changes in living, Annie O. started the writing Once again.

The author’s books reveal the strong bond of God in Annie O.’s life through the stories and events that are created. The author hopes the readers can relate making their lives a more positive, loving, and hopeful life ahead of them with the details provided. Hopefully, the reader will be looking forward to the second and final book of the Trilogy as this new novel is read.